Private Preschool Frisco TX: Understanding STEAM Integration

STEAM integration is an important component of any Private Preschool Frisco TX. It helps young students to develop the skills they will need in today’s modern world. STEAM is an acronym for Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Arts and Mathematics. It emphasizes the connections between these six disciplines and their influence on changes in our world. Effective preschool programs explore these subjects as they connect to one other, rather than teaching them individually.

Science activities include things like weather demonstrations and observing living plants and animals. Technology could include exploring book apps and creative games or simply familiarizing children with computers and technology as a first step. Through engineering students can build projects that explore sinking and floating structures. Entrepreneurship is developed through student ownership of project development and presentations. The Arts components might involve the exploration of open ended multi-media processes. Finally, the Mathematics discipline could explore story charts, counting and rhyming, and activities involving measuring, patterning and grouping.

From the very early years, STEAM integration highlights the relationships between these subjects and develops a more profound understanding of each of these concepts while providing students with the critical thinking skills needed for learning. Hands on activities and experiential approaches to learning enable students to build the attitudes and skills they will need for future success. Problem based learning and engineering design activities provide opportunities for making connections between all of the STEAM disciplines without the program being overly academic.

Using everyday play materials such as modeling clay, Lego and Kinex, students are challenged to find innovative solutions to real world problems. For instance, students might be encouraged to build a type of vehicle that could move about on a maximum of three wheels. Add motors and computers to these pieces of play equipment and young students are able to see the connection between technology and everyday objects. The creation of videos of these constructions, that include student artwork and music, brings these projects full circle and provides young students with a true sense of how STEAM subjects fit together.

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