We have twin daughters who attend Apple Creek Preschool. The teachers at this school are simply amazing. They knew not to push the girls completely out of their comfort zone and worked so patiently with them to help them feel comfortable. The girls started the year crying, not eating or using the bathroom, wouldn't talk or participate. What a huge growth they have both experienced since the beginning! We love Apple Creek and would recommend it to anyone!
Margaret L.
Apple Creek laid the foundation for my children’s ongoing success in school. This success included selection for gifted and talented program and being on the right track for learning when they started elementary school. I like the diversity of children in the Apple Creek programs. My children attended classes with children who spoke other languages and children with diverse needs such as one child who required a wheelchair. I felt this opportunity at a young age provided acceptance of diversity and they think nothing of it.
Kelly C.
Apple Creek is amazing! I love everything about it especially the great teachers. The other staff is also great, they always make us feel at home and greet my daughter by her name, which I love. It makes her feel important. The school is so great that I drove from Mesquite just to take my daughter there. The curriculum is really good. My daughter has learned so much. I like that they have parent teacher meetings and they evaluate the children and let us know how well they are doing. Best preschool ever!
Careli L
This school is one of the above average school in the neighborhood. You may not get the spot easily in first place as there is waiting always. Considering this they are demanded pre-school. There are few things which can be improved. Overall good school so far.
Abhishek K
Apple creek is a phenomenal school! The teachers and administration are loving, kind and always willing to help. Our daughter is now 5 and will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall. To say she is prepared is an understatement. The curriculum offers extensive math and language learning through games, art, music...we have been beyond impressed! We highly recommend this wonderful school!
Jason & Grace G.
Such an incredible preschool for my 3 year old. He learned so much this year and the communication was superb. Highly recommend this school for education in all subjects, manners and speaking up for themselves.
Shonda C.
Apple Creek Preschool is an excellent place for children to expand their minds without having to attend a full day school. I highly recommend Apple Creek!!!
Betsy C.
We spent two years here and enjoyed it thoroughly. The staff is great, the communication is great and the curriculum is top-notch!
Belle F.
Both of my kids have gone to Apple Creek. My oldest is now 11, and it is still great to see the faces I saw there with my 4 year old. The curriculum is age appropriate and fun. I would recommend Apple Creek to any pre-schooler, hands down!
Tom N.