Monica Tomblin

We are coming to the end with our first year at AppleCreek and I can say with experience for myself and my son that this facility is amazing! The teachers are wonderful, they take the time to get to know each child and their individual needs. The student/teacher ratio along with the security is exactly what I was looking for, especially being my first time leaving my child in someone else’s hands. They are very thorough with following parents guidelines when it comes to each child and take pride in cleanliness! If your child has allergies, as my son has do not be worried, they pay close attention to the health of each child and if any special snacks should be served that day they will call you for permission. AppleCreek loves for the parents to be involved as much as you’d like to be, which is why I love they allow you to volunteer as much as you want in your child’s class. If you’re hesitant, don’t be, you will not be disappointed with AppleCreek. Wonderful school!

C Sweet

Our daughter attended the four year old preschool class. The school is excellent at communicating the progress of the students and the current detailed curriculum. I feel like she is well prepared for kindergarten both socially and academically. Highly recommend Apple Creek Preschool.

Tre&Lori McDonald

"Our experience had been great! Our family is new to ACP this year and my son absolutely loves going to school. The teachers are so kind, warm, friendly and flexible. They are always willing to work with families and any specific need or requests that you may have. My son is always surprising me with things that he has clearly learned at school, not to mention, the art he comes home with every day! I have run out of room on his wall simply because he is so proud! The staff is very friendly and accommodating as well. The school accurately presents them selves as being inclusive. The pick up and drop process was new to me however it is pretty seamless. I might add that I am always amazed that the director says hi to every child she sees and knows them by name! Before attending I had heard great things about Apple Creek, I am happy to report that it rings true for me. As a mom I am happy to send my child to Apple Creek."

Keri Van Vleet

We have had nothing but positive experiences with Apple Creek. We feel confident that our child is ready and excited about starting Kindergarten thanks to her time at Apple Creek. Everyone at the school is caring and knows each and every child. There are a lot of family involvement opportunities. I can not say enough great things about this school!

Bridget Phelps

Apple Creek is a great! Our daughter loved it and learned so much to prepare her for Kindergarten. I would definitely recommend Apple Creek!

Tom Nix

Both my kids have gone to Apple Creek. My oldest is now 11, and it is still great to see the faces I saw there with my 4 year old. The curriculum is age appropriate and fun. I would recommend Apple Creek to any pre-schooler, hands down!

Careli Lopez

"Apple Creek in Frisco is amazing! I love everthing about it especially the great teachers. The other staff is also great, they always make us feel at home and greet My daughter by her name, which I love. It makes her feel important. Thank you to Ms. Lucienne and Ms. Susan for all they taught my daughter! They are the best! The school is so great that I drove from mesquite just to take my daughter there. The curriculum is really good. My daughter has learned so much. I like that they have parent teacher meetings and they evaluate the children and let us know how well they are doing. This is the first time me and my daughter have been away from each other since she was born. So I was a little hesitant put her in pre school. When we had the orientation they really made me feel at ease. After the first day of school my daughter loved it so much she was so happy to go every day! You will not regret bringing you child/children here. I'm sad that the year is coming to an end but When my son is old enough to attend I will be enrolling him as well!! Farewell for now apple creek! We will be back in two years!! 💕 (Best pre school ever)"

Jason & Grace G.

"Apple creek is a phenomenal school! The teachers and administration are loving, kind and always willing to help... Our daughter is now 5 and will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall. To say she is prepared is an understatement. The curriculum offers extensive math and language learning through games, art, music...we have been beyond impressed! We highly recommend this wonderful school!"

Veronika Littlefield

I couldn't be happier with my son's education at Apple Creek. Not only has he learned far more than I expected, he LOVES it there. And they love him! This is my vote for the best preschool in Frisco.

Erinn Greetis

I just love this preschool. Not only do they place a big focus on getting kids kindergarten ready and confident in themselves, but they have also been very understanding and accommodating of my son who has multiple severe food allergies and asthma. That alone has made my experience outstanding! I will miss Apple Creek and all of their amazing teachers dearly after we move this summer.

Genessa Swint

AppleCreek is an exceptional preschool with wonderful teachers and staff. I have been especially pleased with their Pre-K and Phonics programs which have given my son an incredible platform for entering kindergarten with knowledge and confidence!

C. Kim Vu

Apple Creek has been amazing for our daughter; she has learned so much! The entire staff is top notch, from the owner, directors and the teachers! They are all very warm and welcoming. You can definitely tell that they love their job and our kids!

Marcio Vieira

I love this school. My daughter has improved a lot in all fields and she loves going to school everyday. Teachers are awesome and very caring with their little students.

Samina N Nadeem Omar

Both my daughters go here and they absolutely love it! Cannot give this place enough praise! The teachers are amazing and parents can be as involved as they like which I love!

Stephanie Voss / Richard

I LOVE this preschool, I have sent my two daughters and plan to send my third when she’s old enough. The teachers and staff are all wonderful and really give your child the attention they deserve. It’s been a pleasure working with them all and being a room parent. This is a great school with a fantastic academic play balance. I feel like both my daughters left Apple Creek ready for Kindergarten with all the tools and confidence they needed to do well.

Stephanie Novarro

We love Apple Creek! The teachers and staff are wonderful and welcoming. My daughter has grown so much socially and academically since starting school. She loves it so much and constantly asks to go to school.

Chris Kee

Awesome PreSchool! The staff is amazing and always very friendly. They are great with every child and very attentive to the little things. My child has severe allergies and I've always felt incredibly comfortable with my son attending Apple Creek. I can't thank them enough nor recommend them enough!

Kendra Kullman

Excellent Preschool, Amazing Administration and Teachers, Curriculum is Top-notch in prepping for Elementary school, Such a welcoming environment at all times. Both of my children completed three years at Apple Creek! The Credentials required are hard to find in preschool teachers anywhere else...The Perfect Preschool!

Carla Cashaw

I love the student to teacher ratio & how all of the staff gets to know your family & child on a very personal level. The teachers are fantastic, my son has learned so much in the year he has been there!

Maria Gomez

I have known them for several years. Excellent with getting parents involved with kids program, detailed reports about the kids, open to do meetings to discuss kids progress, excellent with kids with disabilities, and just very friendly. I knew my kids would go there even before I had them. My oldest one was there and I had to change schools because of distance and I end up taking him back. He asked for months to go back to Apple Creek. All kids are different and have different needs-for my older son- Apple creek was the best for my son.

Sandhya Menon

I am very happy that I chose Apple Creek preschool for my daughter. The teachers are excellent and the entire staff is very cooperative. The curriculum is excellent and I am beyond satisfied with the improvement in my child.

Heidi O'Rourke

We have been at Apple Creek for the past two years and the staff and teachers are the best! My daughter loves going to school and I know that she will be ready for kindergarten. Thank you Apple Creek!

Julie Chionuma

Apple Creek has been an amazing experience for my son Drake! He has learned so much in one year and is ready to take Kindergarten and be a Rockstar. This all goes back to his teachers and staff at Apple Creek!

Katie Soyka

We have gone to Apple Creek for 4 years and highly recommend it to anyone. Teachers are just what you want for your little pre-schooler! They have fun and learn so much.

Michelle Nuosce

We have loved everything about Apple Creek! The teachers and staff are all so caring and truly enjoy teaching preschool aged kids. It has been a wonderful experience and I know my little is ready for Kinder!

Jennifer Chadwick

Fantastic school, both years the teachers have been great. They take the time to tell you what your child is doing in class. My son loves going and runs in by himself. I am also impressed with everything he is learning.

Benjamin Carlson

Apple Creek Preschool is awesome! My son loves going to school and is learning so much. All of the teachers are super friendly and really seem to love what they do.

Brittany Reed

My daughter loves Apple Creek. We don't have ever have to fight to wake her up and get ready, she gets excited to go! I love that my daughter is learning through play and exploring. The teachers and directors are happy to answer any questions and give guidance, which I am very thankful for.

Laura Kaplan

I can’t recommend this place enough. My daughter has been here for two years now and the amount she has learned is amazing. The communication between parent and school/teacher is top notch and I always feel like I know what is going on both scocially and academically with my child. But the best part is just how much my daughter loves it here. She asks to go every single day. She seems to have a blast learning and making friends and gets even gets upset when it’s the weekend and she can’t go to school! My son starts next year and we’re excited to continue being a part of this community.

Sana C

I absolutely love this school and the staff. My kids are so well taken care of and they are always excited and eager to go to school. They’re super affordable with a great facility and program

Kristen Stenger

I Highly recommend Apple Creek Preschool to everyone! The teachers and administrators are wonderful! My children have been beyond ready to enter kindergarten both socially and academically thanks to the academically based curriculum.

Devdanav Krishna

Both my daughters went to Apple Creek School and had wonderful experiences. I still recommend this school to my friends. It’s less price and perfect for 2-5yrs age.


Apple Creek has helped my son grow academically and socially in ways I never expected to see. The teachers take the time to learn about each child's needs and work with you to make sure you meet the goals you establish for them throughout the school year. I truly enjoy their approach to helping kids recognize and manage their emotions, as well as it's curriculum. Highly recommended for parents who want their kids to grow in a safe, nurturing place with a curriculum that will prepare them well for kindergarten.

Cristina Busu

I could not be happier with our experience at Apple Creek! The teachers are amazing, have a lot of patience and have helped my twins grow so much in all developmental areas. The activities are fun and educational in the same time. We love the school so much!

Felicia Dougherty

I am so happy to have found Apple Creek Preschool!! My son absolutely loves it and we always feel welcomed. The teachers are great and truly care about each and every student. The school is very professional and dedicated to early childhood education. Parental involvement is encouraged which creates a family atmosphere. I would definitely recommend Apple Creek Preschool!

RED 24

Great school and great staff! My daughter is the second child I have sent to Applecreek. The teachers make learning fun and both of my children were always eager to go to school. My son is almost finished with kindergarten and he was well prepared thanks to Applecreek! I highly recommend to everyone.

Shonda Chiotti

Such an incredible preschool for my 3 year old. He learned so much this year and the communication was superb. Highly recommend this school for education in all subjects, manners and speaking up for themselves.

Margaret Lee

We have twin daughters who attend Apple Creek Preschool. Our daughters have always been watched by family, so this year was the first time they were "dropped off" somewhere. We, as their parents, knew it was going to be a very difficult and scary transition for them, but the teachers at this school are simply amazing. They knew not to push the girls completely out of their comfort zone and worked so patiently with them to help them feel comfortable. The girls started the year crying, not eating or using the bathroom, wouldn't talk or participate, etc. from being so shy and uncomfortable with the new situation. What a huge growth they have both experienced since the beginning! We love Apple Creek and would recommend it to anyone, but especially to families who might have children with any type of special needs (with our daughters it was just their extreme shyness and sensitivity).

Betsy Chappell

Apple Creek Preschool is an excellent place for children to expand their minds without having to attend a full day school. I highly recommend Apple Creek!!!

Megan Poakeart

This is an amazing preschool! My daughter attended for 2 years and I was thrilled with both the administration and the teachers. These are real professionals who have very realistic expectations for the preschool ages. I can't say enough good things about it- would highly recommend Apple Creek.