Preschool Summer Camp Frisco TX: Teaching Reading Basics at Home

Along with enrolling your child in preschool summer camp Frisco TX, you can also jumpstart her learning at home. Teaching your child some alphabet and reading basics before she enters school gives her an advantage, instills a love of learning, and helps to strengthen your bond.

Preschool Summer Camp Frisco TX: Start by Reading to Your Child

Reading to your kids is one of the best ways to pass the time, and one of the best ways to teach them how to read. Children as young as newborns can benefit from having their parents read out loud to them. Snuggling up to your little one and reading a story or two a day is simple but beneficial. Children not only enjoy looking at the pictures and hearing the story you tell, but they will pick up on the sounds the letters and words make, which is one of the first steps in reading. They will also enjoy spending time with you, and when they think about reading, they will associate that memorable time with you, making reading an activity they will likely treasure for a lifetime.

Preschools Frisco TX:  Point Out Letters in Your Environment

When you’re out and about with your little one, or even if you’re at home, you can use what is around you to teach your youngster about letters and phonics. Even before she attends preschool, she can get a basic knowledge about word and letter sounds by taking the time to notice letters in signs, papers, and other objects you see on a daily basis. Your child will enjoy helping you find the letters and will start to feel proud of herself when she is able to identify them on their own.

Preschool Summer Programs Frisco TX:  Alphabet Crafts at Home

Little ones love playing with their hands, and what better way than to teach the alphabet and words than by actually touching letters? Cut out large letters from construction paper, then glue fun objects onto them; bonus points if the objects start with the letters you’re learning. For instance, you can glue flowers onto the letter “F” or jelly beans onto the letter “J.” Fun activities like these make learning enjoyable, and your child will pick up a lot while she is playing.

Apple Creek Preschool Can Build on Your At-Home Learning

The staff at Apple Creek preschool summer camp Frisco TX will help to add onto what your child already knows in a fun and enriching educational environment. Contact us today to learn more about our programs by calling 972-334-0005.

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