All The Skills Your Child Needs For 100% Kindergarten Readiness

School Readiness On All Levels: Language, Reading, Math, Spanish, & More!

Pre-K Program | 4 - 5 Years | Serving Frisco, TX


“Read, Write, Listen” Curriculum Expands Your Child’s Skill Sets

This language arts program is the final step in preparing your child for school success. This comprehensive program includes reading, handwriting, and auditory and oral language skills to strengthen reading skills through guided reading practice and story comprehension.  

Your Child Builds Language & Literacy Skills For A Successful Start In Kindergarten By:

Fun, Hands-on, Manipulative Math Activities Spark Learning

Your little genius dives into math using the Kindergarten curriculum, “Math in My World”. Developing your child at a Kindergarten level makes for the easiest transition to school and gives them the headstart they need to grasp mathematical concepts.  

“Math In My World” Introduces Your Child To Math Concepts Like:

Bilingualism Opens The Door For Many Future Opportunities

Your little one enjoys learning Spanish every day! Numbers, colors, and basic vocabulary gives your child the advantage of learning a second language at an age where their neurological pathways in the brain light up and enhance cognitive development.  

Multicultural Classrooms Develop Worldliness, Acceptance & Empathy

Your child learns about different cultures and nationalities through inclusive learning about the world, oneself, and others. Your little learner gains exposure to many different cultures, their traditions and practices, and develops essential life skills like acceptance and empathy.

Your Little Genius Releases Their Creativity Through Art

Creative art increases your child’s muscle control, builds self-esteem, and enhances self-expression. Dramatic play allows your little artist to develop socially and emotionally, function in a group, take turns, and learn through play.

Build Social-Emotional Skills With Conscious Discipline©

Fostering independence and social-emotional skills through the Conscious Discipline© approach means modelling a calm, centered state for your little learner. This method teaches your child crucial life and emotional skills such as cooperation, participation, and how to resolve interpersonal conflict.

An Exceptional Teaching Team Act as One-On-One Coaches

Two teachers in every classroom mean your child never misses out on teachable moments. A team built on real-world experience, higher education, and the ability to relate to children ensures an in-depth understanding of your child, expertise, and high-quality education.

Spending Time In Nature Makes Learning More Fun

The more time your child spends playing outdoors, the easier it is for them to learn. Running, jumping, swinging, climbing, riding tricycles, and letting their imaginations soar without spacial limits encourages your little one to grow to their full potential.

Deep Cleaning For Great Health & Ongoing Learning

Your child needs to stay healthy to keep learning every day, so along with regular hand washing when entering the classrooms, a professional cleaning service cleans and disinfects all high-touch surfaces, and teachers sanitize their classrooms three times per day.

Safety & Security For Your Peace Of Mind

Never worry about leaving your child in the loving hands of their teachers—with two teachers in every classroom, locked and monitored outside doors, a fenced-in playground, up-to-date CPR, and first aid training, your child’s safety is always a priority.

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