NAEYC Accredited Preschool Frisco TX: 5 Good Reasons to Do Preschool

It is sometimes thought that only low-income families benefit from enrolling their child in an NAEYC accredited preschool Frisco TX. Research has debunked that myth and shown that children from all socioeconomic statuses benefit from attending an early childhood education program. Here are 5 good reasons why you should consider an NAEYC accredited preschool for your child:

  1. Opportunity for growth
  2. Promotes social and emotional development
  3. Child gets to make choices
  4. Promotes language and cognitive skills
  5. Child learns to take care of self and others

At Apple Creek Preschool, your child will reap the rewards of all of these benefits and more in our nurturing environment. Call us today at (972)334-0005 to schedule a tour of our facility or visit us online at for more information.

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