Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten

In A Warm, Friendly Environment Encouraging Social & Academic Skills

Preschool 4's Program | 4 Years | Serving Frisco, TX


Low Classroom Ratios Mean More Individualized Attention

Below-average teacher-to-student ratios create a special rapport with your child. Two teachers per classroom allow more personalized attention, individualized instruction, and specialized support for your little learner’s academic, social, and personal needs.

Personalized Lesson Plans Ensure Your Child’s Success

Teachers are always aware of your child’s stage of development and create lesson plans according to their pace and learning preference. By tracking your child’s strengths and areas needing improvement—and planning lessons accordingly—your child builds their love of lifelong learning.

Books & Reading Activities Bring Language Skills To Life

The Language Arts curriculum, “The Land of The Letter People,” makes language come alive in the classroom. This program incorporates fun and immersive learning activities to naturally develop your child’s vocabulary and reading skills and make information easy to remember.

Math & Science Curriculums For Future Academic Success

Through innovative games and hands-on experiments, your child learns math and science in exciting ways. Offering immersive experiences rather than structured lessons instills an innovative approach to these subjects to enhance the joy of learning. 

Inspiring Fun & Creativity Through Art, Music, & Play

Art, music, and dramatic play inspire spontaneous imagination and the ability to lead and follow instructions. Allowing time for your little artist to express themselves creatively sparks new ways of thinking, enhances problem-solving skills, and develops their unique self-expression. 

Fun Games & Lesson Plans Tailored To Your Child’s Unique Needs In:

Playing Outdoors For Fun, Muscle-Building Learning

Your little wonder loves playing outdoors—riding tricycles, running across the playground, sliding down the play structure, and playing fun, organized games with their friends. Playing outdoors builds their muscles, boosts their confidence, and clears their mind for enhanced learning.

Bringing The Community In-House To Support Enrichment Learning

Special guest appearances from key people in the community like the Frisco Fire Department, dental hygienists, Rufus the recycling dog—and more— expose your child to new things and people—an essential part of your child’s education is having these new experiences.

Routine Cleaning Keeps Everyone Safe & Healthy

A professional cleaning service cleans and disinfects all high-touch surfaces while teachers regularly sanitize their classrooms throughout the day. All children and staff wash their hands when entering the classroom to keep all germs at bay.

Safety & Security Measures For Your Child’s Protection

Your child is in a secure environment with locked and monitored outside doors, a fenced-in playground, and two teachers in every classroom with up-to-date CPR and first aid training who are always on the lookout for your child’s best interest.

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