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Apple Creek Preschool Began In Its Founder's Home

Apple Creek Private Preschool began as Apple Valley Schoolhouse in 1987 in founder Tammie L. Williams’ home—it quickly grew in popularity leading to a brand new location in Frisco, which opened as Apple Creek Private Preschool in 2004.
Apple Creek Preschool Began In Its Founder's Home
Half-day Learning On Your Schedule

Half-day Learning On Your Schedule

With morning or afternoon half-day preschool classes available for children ages two through five, your child receives hands-on learning in an environment filled with stimulating educational experiences. Morning classes can be extended by adding a Stay & Play or Enrichment program to your morning preschool class. Summer programs are also available.

Core Values At Apple Creek Preschool

TEACHERs at Apple Creek have

Team Work

We believe that by working together we build a strong team with a shared vision.


We strive for excellence in everything we do.

A Lot Of Passion

We believe in being passionate about our role as educators.

Children First Philosophy

We believe in placing the interest of the children first in everything we do.

High Quality Partnerships

We believe that strong partnerships with the parents help ensure the best outcomes for children.


We believe in bringing enthusiasm to our teaching.


We believe that we should respect the rights, culture and difference of families and staff.

Team Teaching & Low Ratios = The Best Learning Experience

Two degreed or highly experienced teachers per classroom plus low student-to-teacher ratios means your child receives individualized attention and personalized lesson plans. Supporting teachers with continuing education, CPR, and first aid training ensures your child remains in safe, well-educated hands.
Team Teaching & Low Ratios = The Best Learning Experience

Apple Creek Hires Only The Most Talented, Dedicated Teachers

A Longtime Director With A Love For All Children

A Highly-experienced & Passionate Founder

With over 40 years of experience, Founder Tammie L. Williams served on many early childhood education boards and is a popular public speaker on early childhood and parenting. She has a Masters Degree in Child Development and an MBA.
“I believe every child deserves to be loved, nurtured, and respected for who they are. Children need to feel confident, smart, and ready to handle the rigours of public school before they enter Kindergarten. I have devoted my life to the field of Early Childhood because I believe it builds a foundation for success in life.” – Tammie L. Williams
A Highly-Experienced & Passionate Founder

A Longtime Director With A Love For All Children

Director Karen Barron has been with Apple Creek Preschool since 2004. She has outstanding leadership abilities, is actively involved in the community, and remembers almost every child that comes back to visit and greets them by name.

NAEYC Accreditation Gives Your Child The Best Education

The only preschool in Frisco accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children assures your child is in safe, loving, and dedicated hands for high-quality learning with an appropriately challenging and developmentally sound curriculum.
NAEYC Accreditation Gives Your Child The Best Education

See The Difference In Accredited Hands-On Learning Today

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