Kids playing educational building blocks, making a castle at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Frisco, TX

Building The Foundation For Your Child’s Future

Through Academic & Success & A Love Of Learning

Preschool & Daycare Serving Frisco, TX

Kids playing educational building blocks and at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Frisco, TX microscope on a science class

A Multisensory Curriculum For Kindergarten Readiness

Modern, science-based Conscious Discipline© techniques combined with a comprehensive academic curriculum lay the foundation for your child’s happiness and lifelong success. Through quality care and an excellent reputation, your child becomes school-ready on all levels—intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Kids raising hands to answer teachers question at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Frisco, TX

Conscious Discipline© Techniques For Social-Emotional Development

Your child’s social-emotional curriculum involves Conscious Discipline© techniques for teaching safety, connection, and problem-solving. Your little one learns essential social-emotional skills like recognizing and managing their emotions, the importance of kindness and empathy, and classroom responsibility through classroom jobs. 


A STEAM Curriculum For Age-Appropriate Learning

The STEAM curriculum, chosen specifically for each age group, develops the necessary skills for your child’s success throughout their next school year. All curriculum levels use STEAM activities presented in small groups using activity-based learning methods. 

Loving, Trusted Relationships Enhance Your Child’s Comfort

A relationship built on trust and connection creates a sense of safety, allowing your child to learn, grow, make mistakes, try again, ask for help,  embrace challenges and triumphs, and proudly succeed.

Partnering With Parents For Educational Success

Collaborating with parents and building strong parent-teacher relationships is crucial in fostering excellence. Strong communication, teamwork, and putting your child first help your little learner succeed faster as their teachers go the extra mile to guide them toward their highest potential.

Here’s How You Stay Informed On Your Child’s Progress:

Respecting & Encouraging Your Child’s Individuality

Celebrating diversity is essential in developing social-emotional skills. Your child always feels welcome for the unique individual they are. Personalized greetings with either a hug, high-five, or fist bump ensure your child starts their day feeling special and loved.


High-Quality Care & Education Through National Accreditation

Proudly standing as the only school in Frisco holding national accreditation through the National Association of Education for Young Children (NAEYC). This prestigious recognition is a significant achievement resulting from a commitment to ongoing high-quality care and education.

Teachers With Impressive Tenures Promote Familiarity

Your child’s teachers are hand-picked for their experience, education, and passion for teaching. Your little learner takes comfort in seeing familiar faces every day as many teachers have an impressive 8-year tenure. 

Low-Class Ratios For Personalized Attention

Low-class ratios with many teachers holding degrees mean your child receives more individualized attention, making learning easier. Teachers without degrees participate in Early Childcare Education classes to provide your child with the best learning experience possible. 



Apple Creek Preschool is the only school in Frisco to have a Certified Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom. Our Outdoor Classroom promotes the natural world as an integral part of learning. Research shows that children who learn and grow in Nature Explore Classrooms nurture the “whole child” with diverse skill sets in and outside of the classroom. 

Your Child’s Security Is Always Top Priority

Your little learner is safe and secure, so you never have to worry. Restricted access doors, up-to-date CPR and first aid training, monthly fire drills, quarterly severe weather drills, and fully-gated premises ensure peace of mind for all.

Bringing The Community In-House To Support Enrichment Learning

Special guest appearances from key people in the community like the Frisco Fire Department, dental hygienists, Rufus the recycling dog—and more— expose your child to new things and people—an essential part of your child’s education is having these new experiences.

NAEYC Accreditation: The Right Choice For Kids

When parents want the best, they choose Apple Creek. We are the only preschool accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in Frisco, Texas. NAEYC accreditation assures you that your child will be safe, healthy, and learning each day. Accredited programs have met NAEYC’s 10 standards for high quality Early Childhood Education. These programs have demonstrated that they provide a safe and healthy environment for children, have teachers who are well trained, have access to excellent teaching material, and work with a curriculum that is appropriately challenging and developmentally sound.