Building A Strong Foundation for School

By Teaching Crucial Skills For Academic & Social Success

Preschool 3's Program | 3 Years | Serving Frisco, TX


An Enlightening Pre-Reading Program For Early Literacy

Using fun puppets to capture their interest, your child loves participating in the interactive program, “Let’s Begin With The Letter People.” Daily repetition of letter recognition heightens your child’s phonetic and pre-reading skills for a great head start in school.

Grow Your Child’s Vocabulary & Watch Their Confidence Soar

With time and gentle guidance, your child learns the crucial first steps in self-expression—language and speaking skills. Learning at their own pace helps your toddler boost their self-confidence, paving the way for better interactions with others and essential social skills.

Learning Through Play Builds Skills For Life

Structured, hands-on learning experiences through a comprehensive curriculum advance the whole child, on all levels, by promoting academic, social, emotional, physical, and creative development. Through play, your child learns about themselves, their environment, and unforgettable life skills.

Examples Of Lasting Life Skills Your Child Learns Through Guidance & Play:

Your Toddler Unleashes Their Creativity Through Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts increase your toddler’s muscle control and coordination by requiring them to clasp a paintbrush, markers or crayons—it also brings their self-expression to life. Art and imagination-driven activities boost your child’s self-esteem and build resiliency later in life.

A Child-First Philosophy Makes Your Little Learner The Priority

Your child builds trust, understanding, and social-emotional skills through a child-first philosophy that puts them at the heart of their learning. Teachers prioritize your toddler’s emotional and developmental needs using individualized attention in a safe space.

A Team With Higher Education & Impressive 8-Year Tenures

What makes a truly exceptional educational environment? A hand-selected teaching team with a natural zest, commitment, and enthusiasm for teaching! Many passionate teachers have been on staff for eight years or more and have a minimum of four college-level courses.

2 Teachers Per Classroom For Individualized Attention

Two teachers per classroom mean lower than average child-to-teacher ratios and extra one-on-one attention so your little learner can achieve their full potential. It also ensures your little genius always feels seen, heard, and special.

A Clean Environment For Ongoing Learning

All staff and children wash their hands immediately after entering the classroom while teachers routinely disinfect and clean their classrooms and high-touch surfaces using hospital-grade disinfectant to keep everyone healthy and eagerly learning.

Daily Outdoor Play Makes Learning Fun

Your child thrives in the great outdoors as they run, jump, and slide across the play structure and show off their pedalling skills as they soar across the playground on tricycles. Playing outdoors every day makes learning more fun!

Security & Safety Measures For Your Toddler’s Wellbeing

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your child is in a secure environment with locked, monitored outside doors and a fenced-in playground. Two teachers in every classroom with up-to-date CPR and first aid ensure your child always has a watchful eye.

STEAM Curriculum:
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

The curriculum at Apple Creek Preschool was chosen specifically for each age group to develop the skills necessary to be successful for the next school year. All levels of the curriculum use STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities that are presented in small groups using an activity-based learning method.


Our math and science curriculums are designed to encourage your child to think and talk about math and science throughout the day. Through innovative games and hands-on experiments, your child experiences math and science in exciting ways. Making this an immersive experience, rather than a structured sit-down lesson, instills an innovative approach to these subjects. Allow your child’s curiosity to blossom now for the school years yet to come.

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