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Summer Camp Program | Serving Frisco, TX

Session I –

Exciting things await our young astronauts in training!  We will learn about space travel, our solar system, and gravity as we prepare to take a trip to the moon!

Session II -

Come and learn about things that creep, crawl, slither, and fly. Children will learn about caterpillars, butterflies, spiders, and snakes. We’ll see where they live, how they live, and why they are so fun!

Under the Sea

Come on our voyage and explore the big, blue oceans! Join us as we discover colorful coral reefs, deep underwater trenches and amazing sea creatures. Children will love this saltwater adventure.

Slippery Slimy Science

Join us for some squishy, slimy, bumpy fun this week in science camp! Children will investigate science concepts while they pour, squeeze and shake things up to learn about the world around them.

Digging Up Dinos!

Join us on a paleontology adventure! We will explore dinosaurs, fossils and prehistoric environments. Included will be art, songs, games and a “dig” for dinosaurs.

Literature Based Cooking

Get ready to savor good books and delicious recipes. This camp will encourage young readers and involve our young chefs in enjoyable hands-on cooking experiences. They will build self-confidence as they practice a variety of cooking techniques while learning new vocabulary. *Not recommended for children with food allergies.

Western Round Up

We’re roundin’ up the posse for a fun-filled week of roping, riding and learning! Our cowboys and cowgirls will expand their knowledge of life ‘on the range’ through songs and stories around the campfire, art projects and games that test their skills. Yeehaw!

Great Space Adventure

Excite your young astronaut about space education. Join us for astronaut training where we will study the fundamental principles of flight, the solar system and other aerospace themes. Concepts such as oxygen, orbit, and gravity will be explored as we prepare to take a trip to the moon!

Art Gallery

We will be discovering our creative side during this fun and messy week. Children will explore different art mediums including various forms of painting, drawing and sculpting. We will also learn about artists and their masterpieces.

Let’s Be Green

How can we help keep our earth green? We’ll learn how the choices we make affect our environment. We’ll talk about pollution and explore the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle while creating some awesome recycled art projects.

Maximizing Your Child’s Potential in Kindergarten Bootcamp

Give your child the head start they need before entering Kindergarten. This “skills and drills” Boot Camp is an immersive program where each child will be assessed so that we can meet their exact needs. Lesson plans are individualized in order to hone in and practice the skills they most need in order to be 100% ready for Kindergarten.

This structured program has plenty of play, and also offers your child opportunities to:

Summer Phonics and Reading

There is no better way to spend the Summer than reading! Your child will be taught letter sounds and learn how to blend these sounds to form words. The multi-sensory Phonics program full of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory activities is so fun that your child will love learning. The program is designed as an introduction for beginning readers and will help those already reading to strengthen their skills.

Stay-and-Play Option For Ultra Convenience

The additional stay-and-play option fills the 12-2pm gap in your schedule. Your child gets all the benefits of the regular curriculum, along with music and plenty of indoor and outdoor play. Adapting the preschool schedule to the convenience of the parents is the best of both worlds. Stay-and-Play is the ideal option for busy parents who want their child to benefit from the best education.


"These are real professionals"
This is an amazing preschool! My daughter attended for 2 years and I was thrilled with both the administration and the teachers. These are real professionals who have very realistic expectations for the preschool ages. I can't say enough good things about it- would highly recommend Apple Creek.
Megan P.
"Everyone at the school is caring and knows each and every child. "
We have had nothing but positive experiences with Apple Creek. We feel confident that our child is ready and excited about starting Kindergarten thanks to her time at Apple Creek. Everyone at the school is caring and knows each and every child. There are a lot of family involvement opportunities. I cannot say enough great things about this school!
Keri V.
"The teachers are excellent and the entire staff is very cooperative."
I am very happy that I chose Apple Creek preschool for my daughter. The teachers are excellent and the entire staff is very cooperative. The curriculum is excellent and I am beyond satisfied with the improvement in my child.
Sandhya M.

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