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Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom

This unique, nature-based space has been developed through research and field-tested design principles that focus on the education and development of the whole child. Children can explore and foster a connection to the natural world around them.
Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom
A Whole-Child Approach to Skill Development

A Whole-Child Approach to Skill Development

With interactive, open-ended materials and elements, children use their creativity, imagination, and initiative while they play. Research consistently shows that children who learn and grow in Nature Explore Classrooms develop skills across the spectrum of academic and creative learning.

National Certification that Supports Learning With Nature

Our Nature Explore Classroom Certification is part of a national initiative that recognizes schools and other organizations for promoting the natural world as an integral part of learning. Each certified outdoor classroom includes intentionally designed areas for children to play and explore:
National Certification that Supports Learning With Nature
National Certification that Supports Learning With Nature

Benefits of an Outdoor Classroom Environment

Children are less anxious, better at paying attention and have opportunities to observe and appreciate the natural world
Active play and purposeful movement support physical and cognitive development
Children build the confidence to master new challenges and develop complex skills
Clearly defined activity areas empower children to make choices and plans on their own
Improved ability to focus on learning activities and decrease in conflicts among children

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