Phonics and Reading Programs

Through Comprehensive Reading & Language Arts Programs

Preschool & Daycare Serving Frisco, TX

3 Specialty classes to promote and support your child’s reading development

Specializing In Sounds & Letter Recognition

Ages 3 - 5

Designed to help your little learner begin their reading journey, this class helps your child recognize both upper and lowercase letters. It offers various hands-on learning techniques through games, music, art, kinesthetic activities, and more.  

A Strong Focus On Phonics & Reading

Ages 4 - 5

In this class, your child learns the sounds of each letter and how to blend letters to form words through a multi-sensory program of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory activities that take their reading skills to the next level. 

Advanced Options For Students Already Reading

Ages 4 - 5

This class is for students who are already reading and want to enhance their reading capabilities. Your little genius strengthens their skills through programs that advance their reading concepts, phonetically based reading principles, and reading comprehension.