Preschool for 3 Year Old Frisco TX: Teaching Your Preschooler Numbers

Although a preschool for 3 year old Frisco TX will probably your toddler his basic number skills, you can get a head start by going over the basics at home. You may think that your little one will pick up on numbers and counting on his own, but with your help and encouragement, he will understand and retain the knowledge much quicker.

Preschool for 3 year old Frisco TX: Nursery Rhymes

One fun way to teach numbers is to use nursery rhymes. You can incorporate number recognition and incorporate them into nursery rhymes. A variety of different nursery rhymes feature numbers and the act of counting, such as “This Old Man,” “The Ants Go Marching One by One,” “There Were Ten in Bed,” and “Five Little Ducks.” Singing these songs with your toddler is not only fun, but helps him learn to love music and learn numbers at the same time.

Preschool Program Frisco TX: Calculator Play

When you’re grocery shopping, driving in the car, or eating at a restaurant, it’s often essential to have a toy that keeps your preschooler occupied. Fortunately, a calculator provides lots of entertainment and can teach your youngster at the same time. Toddlers love pushing buttons, and calculators have plenty. Point out the numbers to your little one and watch how entertained he is when he sees them pop up on the screen.

Accredited Preschool Frisco TX: Magnetic Numbers

There’s a good chance you had magnetic numbers on your fridge growing up, and you likely had lots of fun playing with them. Not only can your little one experience the same kind of numeric fun in front of the refrigerator as you did, but also on-the-go, as well. With the help of an aluminum baking sheet that the magnets adhere to, you can create a portable counting toy, so your youngster can play with the numbers and move them around. Perfect for car trips and around the house, this toy can provide hours of learning and fun.

Preschool Program Frisco TX: Count Everything

Do you have a couple of coins in your pocket? Lay them on the table and count them out. Did you purchase fruit at the grocery store? Help your little one count how many you purchased. Reinforcing numbers through repetition is one of the best, and effective, methods to teach your toddler the fundamentals of counting. Additionally, point out numbers everywhere you see them: house numbers, phone numbers, price tags—anything that has them. Going over numbers repeatedly helps them to learn.

Apple Creek Preschool Can Continue Your Child’s Love of Learning

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