Preschools Frisco TX: Is Your Child Ready For Preschool?

If your toddler is getting bigger and you’re thinking about looking at preschools Frisco TX, know that there are many factors that should go into your decision to send him to preschool.  Your child may be showing signs of boredom with his home routine, or you may feel that he needs socialization, or you may just need a break from full-time parenting, especially if you have a very active child.  Whatever the reason you’re considering preschool, know that it’s a difficult decision to make for any parent and involves a host of emotions that include guilt and self-doubt, but there are some factors to take into account that should make your decision just a little easier.

Preschools Frisco TX:  Separation Anxiety

Is your child able to spend time away from you without significant trauma?  If you’re not sure, experiment by leaving him with someone you trust from time-to-time to see how he handles it.  If he waves goodbye and confidently turns to play or interact with his caregiver, then you should feel good about his ability to handle preschool.  Even if he cries when you leave, if he recovers quickly after you’re gone, then there’s a very good chance he won’t be troubled much by preschool.

Half Day Preschool Frisco TX:  Interaction with Peers

Though your preschool-age child doesn’t have to be a model of perfect social interaction when he enters preschool, it’s a good idea to make sure he has time to be around other children when possible so that he learns some of the social conventions children his age must learn to interact positively with other children.  Sharing, turn-taking and general politeness are things he can learn from playdates with children his age and can make the transition to preschool smoother.

Private Preschool Frisco TX:  Potty Training

Depending on the preschool you enroll your child in, he may have to have some level of potty training before he enters.  Generally, preschoolers range from 2 to 4 years old, so they usually have at least begun potty training by the time they begin school.  One of the many benefits of preschool for your child is that watching other children go to the bathroom without diapers or pull-ups may motivate him to do likewise.

Preschools Frisco TX:  Verbal Communication

If your child has a significant speech delay that keeps him from communicating his needs, preschool may end up being a frustrating experience for him.  Your child should be able to tell his teachers if something is wrong or he’s hungry or he has to go to the bathroom.  If he isn’t able to do that by the time he’s 2, talk to your pediatrician about getting help for any speech problems or delays he may have before you consider preschool.

Half Day Preschool Frisco TX:  Comfort with Routine

Get into a routine at home, if you don’t already have one, before you enroll your child in preschool.  All schools do things on a schedule, and your child has to be able to adapt to one without a lot of fuss.  In the weeks leading up to the beginning of preschool, try to create a routine or schedule at home that closely mirrors the one he’ll encounter at school.

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