Preschools Frisco TX: 5 Questions to Ask Before Enrolling

Parents are left making many important decisions for their children. From what brand of food to feed them to what playgroup to join, these decisions matters. Perhaps one of the most critical decision parents make is what preschool to send their children to. There are many preschools in Frisco, TX to choose from. Many preschools offer different programs with a wide range of benefits. To best figure out which preschool is the best for your child, ask these questions to potential preschools before you sign any enrollment paperwork.

Question #1: What makes your program unique?

Sometimes it makes the most sense to start with the most direct question. As parents, you want to know why you should choose one preschool over another. Maybe one school is unique because of the academic program that is offered. Or, maybe there is a focus on conservation or the arts. Whatever the difference is, you need to know.

Question #2: What does an average day look like?

Most preschools operate with some sort of routine or schedule. It can be helpful to know in advance what the schedule is. This is especially true for students enrolling in part-time programs or for only a few days a week. You’ll want to know what your student is missing when they aren’t at school.

Question #3: How does the program change for preschools Frisco, TX?

Frisco TX preschools should operate differently than other preschools across the nation. This is true for any preschool, as some of the curricula should include local issues or history. If you’re looking at sending your child to one location of a national chain, ask them if there are any differences between regional curriculum and that of this particular school.

Question #4: What kind of food do I need to pack?

Preschool may just be the first time that you have had to pack a lunch for your child. Does the preschool offer lunch and snacks? What do they expect your child to eat? What about food allergies? Are there any restrictions on what you can pack? You want to make sure your child has what they need food-wise for the day, so make sure to ask.

Question #5: How do you alleviate separation anxiety?

Many children get anxious when they start school for the first time. They are away from their parents and experiencing new activities. Ask potential preschools what their policies are so you are prepared in advance.

If you are looking to enroll your child in preschool, call Apple Creek Preschool at 972-334-0005 to discuss these questions and any others you have. We are here to support you and your child’s educational growth.

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