3 Tips to Ease Your 3 Year Old’s First-Day-of-Preschool Jitters

Starting school is an important rite of passage for both you and your child, so when it comes time for your 3-year old’s first day of preschool, there may be a great deal of anxiety in the air. This anxiety may affect you and other family members, but your preschooler will experience many emotions that can create first day jitters. To reduce your child’s first day jitters, consider these simple tips.

Tour, Meet, and Greet

Most children need time to adjust to new people and places, so consider visiting your 3-year old’s preschool a few times before the actual first day.

Fortunately, most preschools will not only offer tours of the building, classrooms, cafeteria, and playground, but they also will allow you and your child a chance to meet and greet the different teachers and staff.

By visiting the preschool and meeting teachers and staff beforehand, your child will not feel as nervous on the first day.

Communicate with your Child

A few months, weeks, and days before the first day communicate with your child about the importance of school and address any questions or concerns they may have. In most cases, your preschool-aged child will be able to talk to you about worries they have regarding going to school.

If your child is worried about being with other children that they have never met, make sure they know that their classmates will also be new to preschool. Spend some time teaching your child how to introduce themselves, which will help them make friends.

Your child may also be worried over how to solve problems while they are away from you and their home. Make sure your child knows how to communicate wants and needs with their teachers and other staff at the preschool. Your child should know that they can trust their teacher.

Pack Properly

When preparing your child’s items the night before their first day, make sure to include a few special objects to make them feel calm and cool while at preschool.

Allow them to select a personal belonging from home that they can bring to school with them. A stuffed animal, book or blanket are all great options to consider since most preschools allow children to have them during the school day.

Include a note in your child’s lunch or snack bag, assuring them that preschool is great, they are loved, and you are very proud you of them.

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