Preschool for 2 Year Old Frisco TX: Dealing With Separation Anxiety

The excitement you feel while searching for preschool for 2 year old Frisco TX may be overshadowed by a number of factors. First, you wonder if your toddler is ready for such a big change. You may also wonder if you are, in fact, ready for it. You know the experience will be wonderful for the development of your little one, as he will learn and interact with others, but you also fear he may experience separation anxiety. You’ve heard horror stories from other parents about the screaming, crying, and tantrums that occur when they leave their children at preschool, and you’re scared the same thing will happen to your child. Fortunately, you can take steps that can prepare him and help prevent this from happening.

Preschool for 2 Year Old Frisco TX:

The ABCs of Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can occur for a variety of reasons, but it happens mostly because your child is scared without you and is unsure of what will happen if you aren’t with him. Although it can affect any little one, it mostly occurs with children who always spend large amounts of time with their parents–such as stay-at-home parents—and then are suddenly not with them all of the time anymore, like when they are going to preschool or daycare. Toddlers also lack any concept of time, so they don’t understand that you won’t be gone forever; any time away from you can seem like an eternity, which can create extreme fear and anxiety when he’s dropped off.

Dealing With Separation Anxiety

When he’s screaming and crying, it may be tempting to skip the whole idea of leaving him at a preschool, but that will only create a damaging cycle. He will learn that if he behaves in this way, you’ll give in, which will encourage him to continue throwing tantrums. Instead, say goodbye quickly, and reassure him that you will return. If you think it will help, leave him with a favorite stuffed animal or toy that can offer comfort and will remind him of you. Also, sticking to a “goodbye routine” every time you leave builds consistency, which can reassure him that you will, in fact, return, because you do every time you complete this routine.

Trust Those You Leave Him With

Preschool teachers and caregivers are often well-equipped to handle children with separation anxiety. They are often trained in how to deal with children who go through it, and they know which methods work the best. Knowing that the people you entrust to take care of your child will do what’s best for him can provide comfort to both of you.

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