Long-term Benefits of Preschool for Your 4 Year Old Child

Traditionally it is thought that the sole purpose of preschool for a 4-year-old in Frisco, TX is to get them ready to attend Kindergarten the following year. While this is one benefit of preschool, there are also many long-term benefits that can come from having your child enrolled in a quality preschool program before they become school aged. Some of these long-term benefits are:

  • Greater academic success & educational attainment
  • Higher earnings
  • Less likely to engage in criminal behavior
  • Successful social relationships

In your search for a quality preschool for your 4-year-old in Frisco, TX, Apple Creek Preschool will fulfill every area of your wish list. Call us today at (972) 334-0005 to schedule a tour of our facility. Or visit us online at www.applecreekpreschool.com for more information.

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