Half Day Preschool in Frisco, TX: The Right Choice for Your Child

Signing up for half day preschool in Frisco, TX is a great way to get your child acclimated to being away from home. There has been some controversy as to which is better, half day or full day, but it really depends on the child and the parents, and what is available in your area.

Half day preschool in Frisco, TX allows both you and your child to get used to this time apart, while they get special attention and the chance to learn and socialize. Some people see preschool as just a bunch of children playing while their parents are at work, but it is about much more than that.

At Half Day Preschool in Frisco, TX, Children Learn Fine Motor Skills

The play that people see children doing in preschool is more than just play: it’s learning. Playing with things like play dough help strengthen the muscles in children’s fingers and helps with sensory experience. Finger painting helps them develop their hand-eye coordination. These are just a couple of the many activities children do in preschool that help them develop and grow.

Learning Social Development

Social development helps young ones learn how to get along with their peers and learn how to share and make friends. At this point in learning children spend most of their time playing make believe, from pretending to cook in a toy kitchen to making a pretend trip to the grocery store. During preschool your child may learn to play parallel, as well as with other children.

Learning Emotional Development

The other major learning that children do in preschool is emotional development. Young children are learning and growing, and they don’t know how to control their emotions. At this young age they don’t know yet that anger outbursts, hitting, biting, and grabbing toys away from other children is a bad thing to do. In classes they learn to share and to be nice to others and how to control their temper.

For some families, having your child go to whole day preschool can be helpful due to work, or because your child needs extra work with someone that knows how to help with childhood development. But if you’d rather your child have a shorter school day, half day preschool is still a great option. Half day preschool in Frisco, TX doesn’t give your child any less of the learning of a full day, but it allows them to not spend less time away from home, which can be great for some children.

If your child is ready for half day preschool in Frisco, TX, contact Apple Creek Preschool to learn more about what programs we offer. You can call us at (972) 334-0005 or find more information at www.applecreekpreschool.com.

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