5 Things to Look for in Preschools in Frisco, TX

Touring preschools in Frisco, TX can be a daunting task – there are so many things parents think about when choosing a quality care provider for their child. Parents want to know that their children are receiving a developmentally appropriate education while being nurtured to explore their own interests and personalities.

It can be difficult to say good-bye on that first day of school, and parents need to rest assured that their kids are safe and sound. Aside from meeting teachers and checking on accreditation, parents should keep their eyes open for several key clues that a program is high-quality. Read these five things parents should always look for when touring preschools in Frisco, TX – and ensure that a prospective program is the right choice.

Student to Teacher Ratio

Ratios are very important when it comes to critiquing preschools in Frisco, TX. State licensing typically calls for a minimum ratio of caretakers to children, which varies for each age. Typically an infant room has more caretakers than an older pre-k room, due to the older children’s ability to be somewhat self-sufficient. Observe each school’s ratios – if they exceed state standards, that’s a big plus.


There are several different schools of thought when it comes to which style of learning is best for young children. Parents need to know what their kids are learning about and whether or not it’s developmentally-appropriate. This is vital to research as a quality early childhood education has been shown to prepare a student for a lifetime of success in school and beyond.

Teachers’ Assistants and Aides

There are standards for early childhood educators – depending on which position a person is applying for, they more than likely need some combination of education and experience. Lead teachers typically need more education and experience than an aide, which is a person that helps out with the kids. Ask about what hiring standards are for all staff – and make sure that background checks are required.

Student Art and Participation

When looking around at a preschool classroom, there are a few things that should be front and center. One of the most important would be examples of student work. Children feel a sense of pride when they see their drawings and worksheets on the wall – and they should be low enough for those tiny people to see! If a classroom is a bit drab, that should be considered a red flag.


Nothing says “walk away” faster than a dirty classroom. Look down at the floor – are there crumbs or sticky spots? These are definite red flags. Try to see if there are signs around the classroom reminding children to wash their hands properly. Then look at the area where they do this – it should be well-maintained. It’s no secret that kids spread germs, but there should be proper sanitation and cleaning practices in place to ensure safety for kids, teachers, staff and families.

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